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ECG Machine

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Friday, July 10, 2009

ECG Machine GE Marquette MAC 5000

ECG Machine GE Marquette MAC 5000 is is Marquette's premier resting ECG system that delivers the most advanced disease diagnostic management application that most machines fall short of achieving. The ECG Machine GE Marquette MAC 5000 system provides the sophistication required for advanced ECG applications, While its ease of use extends this degree of performance to the broadest range of users possible.

The GE Marquette Mac 5000 ECG Machine is at top of the line interpretive system that combines additional features with the usual functionalities and features that are incorporated by the highly popular Marquette MAC series of machines (especially for the Marquette Mac 6 and Marquette Mac 8).

The ECG machine Marquette MAC 5000 features with :
  • 12SL with adult and pediatric interpretive ECG analysis
  • Upgradeable to QRS signal averaging program with high Resolution
  • The P-wave signal averaging program(PHi-Res™) features a patented templating algorithm which enhances measurement accuracy by maximizing signal fidelity
  • Patented templating algorithm which enhances measurement
  • 15-lead acquistion, storage and analysis
  • Eliminates non-cardiac electrical noise
  • Download patient demographic data Immediate access to the complete ECG patient record from the Catalyst MUSE® system
  • Optional ACI-TIPI(Acute Cardiac Ischemia Time-Insentive Predictive Instrument) generates a numerical score representing the probability that the patient has Acute Cardiac Ischemia

The ECG Machine GE Marquette MAC 5000 Resting ECG System delivers the advanced capabilities that only the industry's most extensive collection of proven algorithms can offer.

The GE Marquette MAC 5000 is an ECG machine that has combined unparalleled hardware technology with a complete suite of net workable software solutions which optimizes output and productivity which makes the ecg machine Marquette MAC 5000 to be ideal for any facility that aspires for a high performing ECG machine.

Marquette MAC 5000 is EKG system which using battery charge time around 4.5 hours from total discharge (with display off). The backlit LCD screen display is of high resolution and has waveform enhancement capability. When you buy ECG Machine GE Marquette MAC 5000, you will get standard warranty about one year.

Other performance specifications of ECG Machine GE Marquette MAC 5000 is using Microprocessor augmented automatic electrocardiograph, 14 channel acquisition with programmable lead configurations.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Single Channel ECG Machine (CM100)

The CM100 is one of the latest designed single-channel ECG machines from HuaMin Group (Shanghai Shininess Industrial Corp). These product ready to blow away the more established competitive brands in the market. The New Single Channel ECG Machine CM100 is one of Automatic measurement of ECG waveform.

The CM100 is ECG machine with built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery, support 2 hours uninterrupted operation. These equipment has AC/DC power supply, automatic protection circuit. ECG machine CM100 has complete digital designed with single color LCD display.

With his simultaneously 12 leads acquisition, the the new Single Channel ECG Machine CM100 also give the user an optional selections for rhythm lead. The CM100 also was designed to give an accurate lead off detection and display.

The other specification of Single Channel ECG Machine CM100 are :
  • Digital wave filter to eliminate baseline drift, AC and EMG interference
  • 60 electrocardiograms record and recall, with memory expansion capacity
  • Automatic adjustment of baseline, amplification and automatic lead switch
  • Thermal array recorder, various printout format
  • Networking capability
  • Thermal recorder, Various Printout Format

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New ECG machine CM100 has certificated: CE, ISO 9001, and ISO 13485. The user can put their ECG machine on environment 5~40 C and relative humidity : 25%~80%. The CM100 is an ECG machine which set for electricity system with Voltage: AC110V/220V

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

ECG Machine Handheld "QRS Biolog "

The ECG machine hand held QRS BIOLOG is a complete 12 lead ECG or EKG capable of recording one, six or twelve channels of diagnostic EKG data.

The ECG machine QRS BIOLOG is mobile, compact and simple to use. Ideal for emergency situations, the Biolog is just as practical for routine on-the-spot checks as it is for acquiring 12 lead ECG data.

For an instant single channel ECG, simply press the Biolog to the patient’s chest for a quick “window on the heart”. Or you can connect the 6 lead or 12 lead ECG cable for a complete diagnostic ECG.

The ECG machine Biolog launched with everything may the medical services need to acquire and analyze 12 lead ECG data on their patients :
  1. Acquire 1,6 or 12 leads of ECG data and print the report directly to the printer's machine.

  2. Provided with Free CardioView™ software, It is allows the user to download the data in order to store, review and print to Windows® based printers.

  3. Get a complete analysis and interpretation using the advanced Louvaine algorithm (for 12 lead ECG).

The ECG machine QRS BIOLOG features with a high definition backlit LCD screen, the result can be visible in bright light and low light condition. The others specification of ECG machine hand held QRS BIOLOG are :
  • Easy-to-use interface on a device that fits in your lab coat pocket.
  • 12 hours of use on two AA batteries.
  • Internal back-up battery ensures data is not lost.
  • Digital and analog communication capabilities.
  • Connects to PCs and most printers.
  • Uses the advanced Louvaine Algorithm for an automatic narrative interpretation.
  • Email reports with the click of a button.

When you buy this product, you will get free of 3-year Hardware Warranty.

The ECG machine Biolog uses the Louvaine analysis program. About 17 years ago, clinical researchers evaluated nine popular ECG algorithms compared to eight cardiologists relative to a standardized database of ECG tracings1.

The result was showing that ECG machine Biolog with The Louvaine algorithm had the best total accuracy of all the algorithms.

See About the accuracy of ECG machine QRS BIOLOG :

The narrative ECG interpretation algorithm available with QRS Universal ECG™ and Biolog™ diagnostic ECG devices was developed in the early 1990s by Cardionics, S.A. of Brussels, Belgium, in conjunction with the University of Louvaine Medical School.

QRS medical devices are manufactured under an ISO 13485 Registered Quality Management System. The ECG machine hand held QRS BIOLOG is FDA approved and CE Marked in accordance with MDD 93/42/EEC.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ECG Machine BioNet CardioTouch 3000

ECG Machine BioNet CardioTouch 3000 is high-qualified 12channel ECG with high resolution LCD monitor, Bionet CardioTouch 3000 Providing a large LCD display and touchscreen operation. ECG reports, including detailed interpretation information, print on A4 full size paper for easy filing. For the user, using the BioNet CardioTouch 3000 they can easily to operate and setup the system with touch-screen and rotary key, Also A4 size paper enables the user to file chart reports easily.

The Cardiotouch 3000 come with a 3 year manufacturers warranty. Clinically Important Simultaneous 12 Lead Acquisition from BioNet CardioTouch 3000 is acquires 10 full seconds of ECG data simultaneously from 10 leads to produce an accurate 12 channel printout with analysis in under 60 seconds!

To maintenance the ECG Machine BioNet CardioTouch 3000 is very cheap or low cost, because The CardioTouch 3000 uses normal fax paper which costs about 1/4 the cost of ECG paper. It will even generate it's own grid!

Specification for ECG Machine BioNet CardioTouch 3000 are :
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 305.5 mm x 296 mm x 92.5 mm
  • Weight: Approximately 3.5 kg
  • Recording channel: 3, 6, 12 channel and 1 channel (60 sec)
  • Sensitivity: 5, 10, 20, auto (I~aVF: 10, V1~V6: 5) mm/mV
  • Printing speed: 12.5, 25, 50 mm/s
  • Display: 320 x 240 character LCD display (3 leads trends)
  • Monitor Display: ID, date, sensitivity, speed, filter, form, rhythm lead
  • User Interface: Touch screen (alphanumeric and symbol available), keyboard, rotary push-knob (pop-up menu)
  • Patient data: ID, name, age, sex, height, weight
  • Basic measurement: Heart rate, PR, QRS, QT/QTc, P-R-T axis
  • Signal quality control: Disconnect lead detection
  • Power: Power supply: AC or built-in battery (option) 100-240 vac, 50/60Hz, 1.0-0.5 A, 60W max
  • Battery (Ni-MH): 1 hour of normal use (approx. 100 ECG printouts)
  • Communication: PC connection with RS-232 interface and LAN
  • Safety: Class 1, Type BF
  • Conformity: CE, CSA
  • Filters ; AC (50/60Hz, - 20dB or better), Muscle (25~35Hz, -3dB or better), Base line drift (0.1Hz, -3dB or better), Low pass filter: off, 40Hz, 100Hz, 150 Hz
  • Recorder: Thermal print head, thermal roll paper
  • Report papers ; Width (A4): 210 mm or 8.5in, Length (A4): 300mm or 11in, Effective writing width: 204 mm
  • Resolution ; Vertical: 8 dot/mm, Horizontal: 16 dot/mm
  • Electrical ; Internal noise: 20uV (p-p )max, Input circuit: Floating input, Isolated and defibrillation protected, Input impedance: ≥10MO, Input range: ≥±5mV, Common Mode Rejection: ≥+100dB, DC offset voltage: ≥±300mV, Time constant: 3.2sec, Patient leakage current: <10ua,>

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